Tree questions we should periodically ask to ourself

Giulio Rusciano
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During moments of self-reflection, we must always consider two fundamental aspects: our personal goals and our potential for change. We must evaluate whether our current path aligns with our authentic selves and brings us a sense of fulfillment.

Exploring these aspects, we embark on a transformative journey of personal growth. To foster this realization, becomes crucial to set personal goals with deep meaning and that resonate with what we (deeply) are.

I have found it immensely valuable to ask myself these three goal-setting questions. Although I usually review them every 12 weeks, they can be adapted to any time period that gives to them a personal meaning.

What is my definition of success for the next 12 weeks?

…Or whatever time frame we choose.
Setting goals that are in line with your unique definition of happiness and progress is crucial. It is all too easy to continue following a path dictated by the expectations of others or to simply fall into the habits of familiarity, rather than pursuing what truly resonates with you. Take the time to identify what really matters to you and let this guide your goal setting.

If I knew I would not fail, what would I try?

Unleash your courage by imagining a scenario where failure is not an option. What audacious goals would you set in this scenario? Identify something you have always dreamed of achieving but have hesitated for fear of failure. Embrace this question as an opportunity to push your limits, question your assumptions and overcome the barriers you have imposed on yourself. The most impactful goals are those that stimulate personal growth and push you beyond your comfort zone. I set at least one special goal, an aspiration that drives me to aim high, even if I do not yet have a clear plan to achieve it. The conviction that I will discover it as I go along pushes me forward.

What is the difference between a good and great in the weeks ahead?

When setting goals, the real danger is not in aiming too high and missing the mark, but in aiming too low and settling for mediocrity. Take the opportunity to redefine what you want to achieve and the level of happiness you want to create. Reflect on what constitutes a good year versus a great year. Set goals that push you towards greatness.

Engaging in personal growth involves embracing the inevitability of change. It may be time to consider embarking on a new career path, nurturing healthier relationships, or shifting your attitude towards your current job. Those who find genuine satisfaction in life possess unwavering faith in their ability to navigate change, drawing strength from past experiences. Embracing this mindset empowers you to go beyond mere to-do lists, encouraging you to thoughtfully allocate your time towards actively working on shaping your life.

In conclusion

We must recognize that growth and progress require adaptation and transformation. It is vital to acknowledge that and regularly evaluating our goals. With this approach we ensure that we stay in sync with your evolving priorities and aspirations. If we encounter misalignment or stagnation, we must fearlessly embrace the need to change, finding the courage to venture down new paths and explore new possibilities.

True happiness and fulfilment are not passive outcomes, but are deliberate creations of intentional living. Only by actively participating in the process of shaping one’s life, reflecting on one’s goals and embracing change when necessary, are we able to lead an happy life fully aligned with our purpose.

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